Humans of BluePath: Puppy Raiser Joy Hawksby

Joy is newly retired and loves spending time her current charge, 17-month-old Golden retriever Jasper. They regularly attend local community events and Joy enjoys watching Jasper learn about the world around him. 

Joy’s pet dog Molly Grace has served as a great role model for Jasper; she has helped teach her younger “brother” about appropriate house manners and social skills. 

Despite being an almost-lifelong puppy raiser, Joy still learns from each of her pups – and the puppy-raising experience continues to be tremendously rewarding. 

Fast Facts about Joy:

  • Lives in Ontario, New York
  • Enjoys walking the dogs, hiking, gardening, and reading
  • Loves the summer weather because it allows her to be outdoors
  • Favorite candy is peanut M&Ms

Fast Facts about Jasper:

  • Library is his favorite place to visit 
  • Loves to chew on appropriate things 
  • Favorite toy to play is his Big Wubba
  • Loves sleeping on cool hardwood floors
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