Raise A Puppy

Puppy Raisers care for our pups in their homes for 12-16 months. They teach basic obedience skills and house manners and socialize their pups to all of the sights and sounds of the world. The Puppy Raising Program is a fundamental part of the journey of a BluePath dog; it provides the foundation on which formal service dog training will build.  

BluePath dogs are typically Labrador retrievers, Golden retrievers, or Golden-Lab crosses. BluePath provides basic equipment and supplies and covers all veterinary expenses. Note that first-time raisers will be required to “puppy-sit” for a 6-18mo pup for 10-14 days. 

Our service dog has made more of a difference in the quality of my son's day-to-day life than anything else we have been able to give him. It is hard to find the words to express what a meaningful positive impact this has had on our entire family.

Application to Raise a BluePath Puppy

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I understand that I will be required to puppy-sit for a 6-18 month old dog for 10-14 days prior to receiving my own BluePath puppy to raise.*
Do you have a fully fenced in yard?*
Is anyone in the home a veteran or actively serving in the military?*
Please indicate N/A if appropriate.
*Please indicate N/A if appropriate.
Does your dog alert bark to noises, the doorbell or a knock on the door?*
Have you ever observed your dog growl, snap, cower, or avoid people or other dogs, for any reason?*
Do you have any other pets at home?*
*Please indicate N/A if appropriate.
Are you willing and able to attend classes and events for training and socializing the puppy?*
For remote or new raisers, are you able to commit to completing local level one and two obedience classes? Expenses are covered by BluePath.*
Are you willing and able to provide food, toys, crate, bedding, leash, bowls and transport for the puppy at your expense?*
Would you be comfortable with us making a home visit?*
Are you willing to adhere to our policies to keep our puppies healthy and safe at all times, this includes keeping them on a leash unless in a fully fenced in area, and providing adequate exercise and socialization?*

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