Foster a Brood
or Stud

BluePath dogs are “purpose-bred,” meaning they possess the superior health and temperament that gives them the best chance to be successful as service dogs. Breeding colony dogs are vital to BluePath’s mission; they help to ensure we can continue to provide autism service dogs for many years to come. 

Broods and studs live in volunteer foster homes within 1.5 hours of BluePath’s Wappingers Falls headquarters. Fosters are responsible for the overall health and well-being of their charges, along with the transport to and from BluePath as needed. Fosters will be trained in dog handling and care and must provide adequate exercise for their charges – approximately three miles of walking or running daily. 

The length of time for this volunteer commitment varies; it can range from a few short months to several years.  

Interested? Apply below or reach out to us to discuss further.

Foster a Brood or Stud Application

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Have you ever observed your dog growl, snap, cower, or avoid people or other dogs, for any reason?*
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Would you be comfortable with us making a home visit?*
Are you willing to adhere to our policies to keep our dogs healthy and safe at all times, this includes keeping them on a leash unless in a fully fenced in area, and providing adequate exercise and socialization?*
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