Humans of BluePath: Puppy Raiser Cathy Hoff

Cathy Hoff is currently raising six-month-old yellow Labrador Hope, who she describes as smart, quiet, and affectionate. Cathy’s daughter has autism and their family feels strongly connected to BluePath’s mission. 

Cathy works remotely for Empire State University which allows for a flexible schedule in raising Hope. Cathy’s husband Tim is part of the family puppy raising team and they regularly attend puppy classes together. Hope practices her commands and socializes with other dogs; her best puppy class friend is an adorable pitbull named Ellie.

Cathy’s proud to be involved with BluePath, noting how much she learns from each pup she raises and how the dogs facilitate connections with other people. She acknowledges the difficulty in saying goodbye to her charges but always keeps the end goal in mind – making someone’s daily life easier and better. 

Fast Facts about Cathy:

  • Lives in Ballston Spa, New York (raised in nearby Saratoga)
  • Enjoys reading, baking, gardening, and bird watching 
  • Her dream vacations are Europe and Japan with her husband
  • Best time of the year is fall with all the colors and Halloween
  • Enjoys Italian and Japanese food

Fast Facts about Hope:

  • Lies on her back in a pose like Madonna
  • Favorite toys are the Nylabone and hogger moose
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