Humans of BluePath: Puppy Raiser Karen Eubank

Karen Eubank is passionate about improving children’s lives and loves that she can make a difference through raising service dog puppies. Her most recent BluePath charge was yellow Labrador June, who graduated to formal training in May. Karen describes June as one of the sweetest dogs she’s ever worked with.

Karen is a teacher and regularly brought June for visits to her elementary school. It was rewarding to observe how easily her students bonded with June; she noticed how the dog not only brought calm to the classroom but also helped to facilitate connections between the children.

Puppy raising is a family affair in the Eubank household, with Karen’s husband and sons supporting many of the day-to-day tasks. Karen is the main trainer and enjoys teaching her pups skills. She would advise new puppy raisers to trust the process and to be kind to themselves.

Karen looks forward to welcoming Puppy #5 into her home this summer.

Fast Facts about Karen

  • Lives in Virginia Beach

  • Summer activities are among her favorite things – scuba diving, swimming, paddle boarding

  • She’s a vegetarian and loves Caribbean and Puerto Rican food

Fast Facts about June

  • Fetch is her favorite game

  • Preferred sleep spot is on Karen’s feet

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