Humans of BluePath: Lynne and Russ Post, Puppy Raisers

Lynne and Russ Post have always been passionate about dogs and spent much of their lives training guide dogs for people with vision loss. After relocating to Chesapeake, Virginia, they owned and operated ChalQuest Boarding and Training Kennels for 15 years.

From their current home in Bristol, TN, the Posts are members of “Otto’s pack,” in which they co-raise BluePath Otto with Donna Kust. Otto is a perfect match for their Tennessee lifestyle; they describe him as a giant pup with a giant heart. He’s confident, resilient and has enormous enthusiasm about every day. During this difficult year, he has regularly reminded Lynne and Russ to find joy and laughter in simple things.

“The neatest thing about being puppy raisers is seeing the world through a young dog\’s eyes as they experience new things, “ Lynn shares. “We love watching them master their skills and piece the puzzle together.”

Raising puppies has been a fascinating experience for the family. Having spent many years training older dogs, they’ve enjoyed switching roles to help out in the beginning of the process.

“I was a psychology major and did my thesis on the human animal connection. I was always struck by the difference animals can make. Puppy raising brings everyone together while expanding the world for another family. We feel so lucky to be a part of it.”

Fun Facts

  • The Posts are planning to meet other raisers in Northern Virginia to #WalkTheBluePath in October.

  • Russ’s pet Rottweiler became the first of his breed in the U.S to earn an AKC tracking degree

  • Otto has developed a love for swimming; his favorite activity during quarantine has been dock diving class.

Lynne, Russ and Otto promote the BluePath Walkathon fundraiser on October 3rd.

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