Humans of BluePath: Melissa Davis, Puppy Raiser

Melissa and Mac with Suzie

Melissa Davis is a PHD student studying theology at Regent University in Virginia Beach. Behind the scenes, she is a dedicated puppy raiser for BluePath and an incredibly gifted photographer. Her photos can be seen on many of BluePath’s marketing materials, including all three of our training vans.

Puppy raising is a team effort for Melissa and her husband, Mac. Together they have raised Roxy and Suzie alongside their own German shepherd, Tori. Suzie would frequently join Melissa on campus where she was able to learn valuable socialization skills. She recently advanced to Formal Training and now lives with a foster family in Dutchess County NY.

Melissa treasured her experience raising Suzie and feels the pup’s calm temperament will someday be a perfect match for a child in need. While spending time with a friend who has a son with autism, Melissa describes how the two immediately gravitated towards each other.

“There was just this relaxed spirit and connection between them and his parents were absolutely amazed that he liked being near her. She just wants to be close to people and then feels she can tackle anything.”

BluePath Suzie, taken by Melissa

Making a Difference

“When you hand the dogs off to fosters there is this expectation and hope that you get that goes with it. While the handoff is painful, I’m also excited at that moment because I know that a new door is opening for this dog to walk through and to reach that potential that they were created for. This dog has the purpose of opening up the world for a child.”

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