New addition to the BluePath team

Hi everyone! My name is Kylie, and I am thrilled to begin my new position as an intern for BluePath. Some of you may know me as a member of Ranger’s family. Ranger was raised in partnership with the New York Rangers hockey team. 

Along his journey, he decided service dog work wasn’t for him, and in June of 2019, he was placed as a companion for my brother, Dan. When Dan was younger, he had an autism service dog named Shade who helped keep him safe. He no longer requires a service dog, yet we knew he could benefit greatly from having a well-trained dog around.

We knew right away that Ranger was a perfect fit for our family, bringing so much joy and comfort into our home. Though my brother and I are close in age, the difficulties he faces navigating the world with autism have sometimes made it challenging for us to connect. Over time I have learned that the best way to bond with Dan is by using his own interests, whether it is through music, algebra problems, or watching every episode of Survivor under the sun.

When Ranger became a part of our family, his energetic and playful spirit became a tool that I could use to share more special moments with my brother. Ranger has given us a new avenue for shared interests. We now enjoy hikes, endless games of fetch, and giggles as together we play with Ranger.

I have been able to see with my own eyes how life-changing a BluePath dog can be, and I am passionate about becoming a part of an incredible team that will bring hope to many more families to come.

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