Integrity, Dedication and a Whole Lot of Fun

When we founded BluePath, we agreed on a set of principles that would govern the way we operate.  To share just a few… everything we do is grounded in integrity.  We are tremendously dedicated to our mission and do our work with a spirit of collaboration and innovation.  We have a strong sense of camaraderie and we like to have fun.

It’s that last sentiment that brings us to today’s post.  Our puppy raisers recently challenged us to recreate a photo taken in January 2017.  The original photo shows Caroline, Jody and Michelle holding the Pearl Harbor litter at just six weeks old.

Challenge accepted.

That said… our puppies have grown, along with our team.

Even with the best assistance in the world, mass hilarity ensued.  Below are a few of our favorite moments.

The original photo: Caroline, Jody and Michelle with JP, Sammy, Pearl, Miller and Benni – January 2017

Kate with JP, Caroline with Sammy, Jody with Pearl, Michelle with Miller and Erica with Benni – April 2018

Then this happened.  No dogs or humans were injured in the making of this photo.

Of course we had to get the Pearl Harbor siblings on their own.  L-R: JP, Sammy, Pearl, Miller and Benni.  We\’re so proud of these beautiful dogs.

Our one \”serious\” photo.  We love what we do.

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