Humans of BluePath: Jillian Barry

The Flaherty Family and Jillian.

How did you get involved with BluePath?

My friends, the Flaherty family, told me all about BluePath. They have been involved with the organization since its inception. I first learned about BluePath when I met Kaitlin Flaherty’s service dog and companion Chester. It is so wonderful to see how they care for another. Chester is a great source of support and comfort for Kaitlin and is such an intelligent, good boy too. I decided to help the organization that has helped my friends and provides a much needed service to the community.

Favorite part about volunteer work?

It’s rewarding to tell the stories of other volunteers. It is important to share their contributions not only to recognize their dedication and commitment to the organization but also to inspire others to help the cause. I love writing and being able to give back to BluePath, and volunteering in this way allows me to do both.

Favorite memory with BluePath?

I love taking walks with my friend Kaitlin, her service dog Chester, and her family. It is great to see how calm and happy Kaitlin is with Chester. Chester is so well-trained and well-behaved and is a real sweetie. I look forward to the Walkathon this year.

Advice for future volunteers?

There are so many great opportunities to contribute your time to BluePath, from raising puppies, to training service dogs, to telling the stories of other volunteers who value and aid BluePath’s mission. The organization will happily work with you to find a way you can help according to your interests, skills, and availability. Everyone I have met has been so kind and accommodating.

What volunteering with BluePath has taught you?

From seeing the supportive relationship the Flaherty’s have with their service dog Chester to learning about all of the stories of other volunteers, I have seen how much BluePath means to the community. Service dogs provide individuals with autism and their families with a calming, supportive influence and sense of safety and comfort. BluePath fills this need by raising and training dogs that are intuitive, good-natured, faithful companions.

Fast Facts:

Where do you live? Yorktown Heights, NY

Dream vacation spot? It is my dream to see Japan. I really love Japanese culture, food, scenery, etc. I want to go to Nara and visit one of the parks there where you can feed and interact with wild deer.

Favorite hobbies? I have many hobbies including reading, writing, sketching, crafting, cooking, and archery.

Favorite food? Gyoza, but I love all kinds of dumplings!

Favorite time of year? I love the summertime as I enjoy long days, warm weather, and (most of all) ice cream.

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