Humans of BluePath: Dana Van Bourgondien, Photographer

About Dana:

I work as the Director of Hearst Media’s in-house photo studio. I love dogs but my work schedule makes it tough to puppy raise; instead I volunteer my time using my photography skills. It has been a wonderful experience to shoot the graduation photos of these special dogs before they start their journey with their new families.

How it all began: I’ve volunteered with BluePath since the beginning. Michelle Brier has been my closest friend since high school and I’ve had the privilege of seeing what these amazing service dogs do for families, and also all the hard work and passion that the people at BluePath put in to make that possible.

I was aware of autism from a very young age as my aunt worked in the field as a clinical director; this made me even more interested in volunteering for BluePath.

Favorite thing about being a volunteer:

Volunteering at the annual Walkathon has been another great experience. The event provides so much inspiration; you feel proud to be part of the mission along with a deep sense of belonging. BluePath will continue to change lives for the better and I’m very excited for the organization’s future.

Fast facts:

  • Dana married her husband Brian in October 2020; they live in Carmel, NY.

  • Dana is a long time golfer, car and motorcycle enthusiast, and an avid gardener.

  • Favorite BluePath dogs: Evie and Harper

The making of BluePath Autumn’s graduation photo

BluePath Autumn: the finished product

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