Humans of BluePath: Kristy Kraynak, Puppy Raiser

How it all began:

My daughter Allison was in high school when she asked me if she could raise a puppy. We raised three together until Allison started college and I raised another pup myself. Then I heard about BluePath and that’s how Sammy and Hopper came into my life.

Favorite part of puppy raising:

Kristy with Hopper

I have too many favorite parts of puppy raising. I love watching them go from these innocent little puppies to dogs who are very responsible, know their commands, and are impressive to everybody around because they are so well behaved. I love going out in public with them and seeing how they can make you so proud.

Favorite memory with BluePath:

Caroline came to visit during Christmas time. Frederick was all lit up and there were carolers and a canal with little boats in it. It was Caroline’s first time seeing Sammy. We went out to a restaurant and he was perfect. I wanted him to impress her and it was such a beautiful, perfect outing.

What does being involved with BluePath mean to you?

It’s the best way I know of to give back and pay it forward from your heart. Everyone at BluePath is wonderful and so easy to work with.

Fun facts: 

  • Kristy lives in Frederick, Maryland and has worked as a personal trainer since 2002.

  • Kristy has raised two autism service dogs – Kelso and Rafael.

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