Humans of BluePath: Julia Lancian, Board Member

How it all began:

I have been volunteering with service dog-related agencies for the last 12 years. When BluePath was started and I was asked to join the board, I didn’t hesitate – I was super honored and humbled to be part of it. Everyone is so dedicated and passionate and it is amazing.

Favorite thing about being involved:

So many things. What really sticks out for me is graduations. I’ve attended a few and it is just so emotional for me and everyone; the tremendous impact the dogs have on the families they are matched with is remarkable.

Best memory:

The walkathon really stands out for me. Just the idea of a walkathon is so beautiful, where we all come together and walk that blue path. Meeting everyone there with their families and having a nice day together is really special.

Future hopes for BluePath:

BluePath is on the right track and they already have such a great impact on everyone that they interact with. I see more growth and awareness – and ultimately more service dogs placed with the families who need them.

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