Humans of BluePath: Ana Montoya, Puppy Raiser

Puppy raiser Ana Montoya has enjoyed every minute with BluePath Colby. Ana lives in Brewster, NY and co-owns Sunshine CrossFit in Bedford Hills, NY. Colby frequently accompanies Ana to the gym where he gains a lot of helpful exposure to new people and sounds.

Ana and Colby at CrossFit Bedford Hills

How it all started

“I grew up with a dog and it wasn’t until I became an adult that I recognized how much a dog does for you by being there every day, needing you to take care of them and reminding you to stay present. 

“The decision to raise Colby happened very quickly.  I knew this was my opportunity to do something with the time I have and make a big impact. I really had the desire to do something that goes beyond me – ultimately changing an entire family’s future for the better.”

All About Colby

  • Ana describes Colby as gentle, loving, patient and easygoing.

  • Some of Colby’s favorite things include swimming, ice cubes, squeaky balls, cuddles, grocery store trips, car rides and endless games of fetch.

Favorite part about puppy raising

“The best part of raising is how much joy you can witness in the process because they are such happy dogs. Every day is a happy day for Colby from the moment he gets let out from his kennel and greets you in the morning. He’s just constantly so eager to learn. 

“Dogs are amazing and what they do for humans and the connection they can provide is something that I don’t think has a parallel with any other animal. Puppy raising has absolutely been an experience that will shape the rest of my life.”

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