Humans of BluePath: Jeffrey and Nina Kellogg, Home Litter Care

Jeffrey and Nina Kellogg have devoted more than 25 years to fostering service dogs in training. They are both lifelong residents of Katonah, NY, and are members of the board of fire commissioners for Katonah Fire Department.

Having seen autism service dogs in action, the Kelloggs knew how life-changing they could be. They were eager to become involved and offer their support.

Jeff and Nina are especially passionate about Home Litter Care, when they take a mother and her litter of newborn puppies into their home for several weeks. The pair have also volunteered as “wranglers” for our Puppy Yoga event last spring, keeping an eye on the energetic puppies while participants took part in their yoga lesson.

In 2019, the Kelloggs welcomed BluePath’s first brood and her seven new puppies into their lives. They provided endless love, play, and plenty of experiences for socialization.

“They came to us and they didn’t even have their eyes open yet. They start to explore and see what’s around them and right then their personalities just start to explode and it’s so magical at that point.”

Jeff and Nina always look forward to receiving calls about upcoming graduations.

“Sometimes we see pictures of these dogs that left us when they were only eight weeks old and now they’re growing up so poised and doing so much already. To hear the parents of children speak about how this dog has changed their life… it’s incredible to be a part of it.”

The Kelloggs can recall every magical experience they have had fostering. They look forward to  many more opportunities to lend a helping hand to BluePath in the future, while at the same time enjoying some puppy love and antics that warm their hearts and keep them coming back for more.

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