Humans of BluePath: Christina and Christian Calabro, Sitters

Samantha and Otto

Dog sitting for BluePath is a family affair for the Calabros. Christina Calabro and her 17 year old son, Christian, have been volunteers for two years. They are very enthusiastic about supporting the BluePath mission and enjoy the work they do sitting for dogs who need a temporary home.

“Autism service dog Indy came into our lives when Samantha was in second grade. Samantha gravitated towards Indy immediately, and the bolting that had caused us so much stress and angst started to fade away.

“We took our first vacation in years – to Disney World – because we knew Samantha would be safe with Indy by her side. He opened up the world for us – and forever changed our lives for the better.

“We know how much is invested in preparing service dogs for their important jobs. We are so fortunate to have Indy, and volunteering for BluePath is a wonderful way for us to give back.” – Christina

Christian’s favorite part about dog sitting is the simple feeling of having a dog in the house and the energy they bring to their daily life. He has very fond memories with BluePath dog Otto, who they spent the most time sitting. Otto is now 16 months old.

Christian and Otto

It was fun to see his personality change as he became older because a lot of times with puppy sitting there are short stints. Since this time was a little bit longer, you got to see him kind of grow into himself.”

Fun facts:

  • Christian is a rising senior at Ridgefield High School and loves to play hockey and soccer.

  • Some of Christina’s hobbies include going to the beach, hiking, and spending time outdoors.

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