Humans of BluePath: Laurence Helpern, Foster

First a sitter and now a foster, dog-lover Laurence Helpern has provided tremendous support for the BluePath team. Laurence was first introduced to BluePath when he attended the East Fishkill Community Day in September of 2018. After his amazing experience raising his own two loving labs, he decided to apply to be a dog sitter. In 2020, Laurence decided that he wanted to take another step further and become a foster.

“The dogs that I was sitting for were just amazing and I was impressed with how well-trained they were. They were sweet animals and they’re such a pleasure to be around; I decided that I needed a dog and it seemed like a good fit at that point in my life.”

In October, Laurence started fostering Dash and things could not be going better for the pair. Laurence describes Dash as a smart and loving companion, noting that he gets along with everyone, including the cat.

Fun facts:

  • Laurence lives close to BluePath’s Headquarters in Hopewell Junction, NY

  • Dash’s special skills: swimming and hide and seek

Laurence’s advice for those thinking of volunteering:

“Welcome a BluePath foster into your home and provide it with the love and care and energy that the dog needs. Just know that what you’re doing is so beneficial for someone who needs this dog to provide them with safety and support and the ability for independence in their lives.”

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