Walkathon Sponsor Spotlight: The Goldfarb Makkar and Brown Family

Betty Goldfarb worked as a pre-school teacher for 27 years and enjoyed the challenge of adapting her teaching style to support children of all different abilities. Betty is also a lifelong dog lover, believing that all lives are significantly improved simply by spending a few minutes with a dog.

When Betty learned about service dogs for children with autism, she was instantly hooked. Recently, Betty chose to donate a portion of her Individual Retirement Account (IRA) distribution to BluePath. Individuals over 70 ½ are required to take minimum distributions each year, which are taxable at ordinary income rates. Any amount donated to a nonprofit organization is tax-free.

Betty directed her donation towards BluePath’s Walkathon fundraiser, at which her large, close-knit family will be recognized as Gold Sponsor. As Betty shares, “We don’t have a ton to give but we do what we can – and it just feels so good to know we’re making a difference in children’s lives.”

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