Humans of BluePath: Pat & Rylee Wisker

Pat and Rylee are an incredible father / daughter duo.  At just nine years old, Rylee already has a deep passion for philanthropy.  Together, Pat and Rylee volunteer at events and seminars and Rylee is a regular helper in our Formal Training Program.  Pat also leads numerous fundraising initiatives and has brought in thousands of dollars to support BluePath’s mission.  We’re extremely grateful to have these two on our team!

Where They Live: Croton-on-Hudson, NY

How it All Began (Pat): My cousin Chanci had a service dog from the Heeling Autism program. I watched my aunt struggle to keep her safe – until they received Yale.  Then everything in their lives changed for the better.  I met Michelle Brier at a BBQ one day and she told me about BluePath.  I told her that I wanted to get involved and help in any way possible.

Words of Wisdom for Prospective Volunteers (Pat): There are so many different ways you can volunteer. You can commit as much time as you have available and know that your contribution will be a great help to BluePath and its mission. You also get to meet cool people and hang out with puppies all day long- who doesn’t want that?

Teaching Classes (Pat): I help Michelle teach classes to first responders on working with service dogs in emergencies. We talk about different topics such as the safest practices of how to secure them, what your best options are and how to care for patients with disabilities.  More info on BluePath’s training for first responders.

Fundraising at School (Rylee): Daddy let me bring in some stickers and bookmarks for autism awareness day. My friends wanted to help BluePath but they didn’t know how. Since we are doing something with recycling at school, we decided to go in there and see what we could find. We picked a jug, cleaned it up and colored it. We decorated it with stickers and BluePath logos and began collecting donations!

Fast Facts – Pat:

Favorite Part of Volunteering for BluePath: The ability to go out and spread awareness about autism and BluePath’s mission.

Favorite Food: Mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Dream Vacation Spot: Florida. My fiance’s mother lives down there. It’s beautiful; it’s the perfect place to sit back and relax.

Favorite Hobbies: I’m a volunteer fireman and EMT. I also work full-time at a police department. And of course, I love hanging with my two kids and my fiance!

Fast Facts – Rylee:

Favorite Part of Volunteering for BluePath: My favorite part is spending time with the dogs. It makes me feel really happy.

Favorite Sport:  Horseback riding.

Favorite Food: I have quite a few. But tacos!

Dream Job: I think I’m going to stick with BluePath for as long as I can.

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