The dog he will be for someone else

Ana and BluePath Colby

by Ana Montoya

I’m a feeling human. Dogs are special creatures. Once I met Colby I knew I wanted to raise him. My heart stepped in and said, “yes, I’m up for it.”

So far most people’s reaction is to tell me how hard it will be when it’s time for him to move on. Which makes perfect sense to me since our minds leap to find the problem before it is in front of us. We want to anticipate issues! Brain does that all day long.

I can assure everyone, I understand in the core of my being that I will form a very deep and personal attachment to him and it will be one of the hardest goodbyes I have to say. I expect to feel heartbroken. I am also expecting to feel like a piece has been filled in a way I never knew was possible. 

Because I am also forming an attachment to the dog he will be for someone else one day.

The end goal isn’t about me. It’s about the child he may mean the world to in 24 months. That will remain in my focus throughout our time together. He is not mine; he is theirs. I’m first mom. I’m the foundational experience that makes him a wonderful dog, so he can change a kid’s life.

Thank you all, but trust me, I get it. I will be giving up a piece of my soul by the end of this. It will break me and it’s guaranteed I will cry for many days following our separation.

But I have faith that my why makes it all worth it in the end. 

I thank you for your love but I am remaining anchored to the present. It will be a blessing to see him graduate from BluePath.

Ana co-owns Sunshine CrossFit in Bedford Hills, NY.

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