Our Belt & Tether System: Thank you Craig

BluePath dogs keep children safe through a specially designed belt and tether system that connects to the dog’s service vest. When a child bolts, the dog “anchors,” effectively stopping the child from a potentially dangerous situation.

Autism’s sensory issues can involve sensitivity to a wide range of stimuli. Some clothing and accessories can cause children to become anxious or overwhelmed if the fit is uncomfortable. When choosing our own equipment, it was extremely important for our belt to be lightweight and adjustable for size and pressure preferences.

We’re grateful to Craig Larsen of Larz Dog Products for taking the time to learn about our mission and the clients we serve. After speaking with autism parents and BluePath training staff, Craig developed the perfect belt and tether system to support our work. While Craig is now retired, our recent equipment order will last us for many years to come.

Craig, thank you for your kindness to us, and for your willingness to go above and beyond to help families with children with autism.

Volunteer Lilah wears a Larz belt during a training route with BluePath Lakota.

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