Karen Stowe, puppy raiser

Humans of BluePath: Karen Stowe, Puppy Raiser

Favorite Part of Volunteering for BluePath: We knew a lot of volunteers for BluePath and reached out to them. I co-raised Cruze with my daughter Ariana, who has experience working in animal fields. It’s her passion and she’s very good at it. It has been very helpful to take on this task with her co-raising.

Ariana (L) and Karen (R) Stowe with BluePath Cruze (C) and their pet dog.

Favorite Part of Puppy Raising: Knowing that this dog is going to become a dog with a purpose. One that’s going to make a difference in a child’s life and the whole family. Everyone says, “How can you give them up?” My response is that we took the dogs on to give them up. When we give them up, they’re going on to bigger and greater things. That’s a huge reward right there and we know they’re going to have a bright future. And there’s always another puppy coming!

Fast Facts:

About Karen:

Where She Lives: Norfolk, VA 

Favorite Hobbies: I have two different jobs. I’m a therapeutic harpist and I play in all sorts of places such as assisted living and health care facilities. I’m also a coordinator for medical students and I really enjoy that. These combine the two things I love – patient care and music.

Favorite time of year: Hallothankmas … Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas – I love the festivities and fun of the whole thing and I’m listening to Christmas carols already!

Dream Vacation Spot: We just took a trip to Scotland and it was absolutely wonderful! It had a full harp theme. But since that has already happened, the next dream vacation would be Hawaii.

Favorite Food: Chocolate. Chocolate fondue, chocolate brownies, chocolate drinks… Anything in that category!

About Cruze:

Fun fact: He is the first chocolate Lab BluePath has ever had! It came as a surprise to me.

Newest Skill: Cruze recently went on to continue his training but when we had him, we were working on “close.” We were also constantly working on behavior when other dogs were present.

Most Likely To… Crawl on top of you when you’re sitting on the floor. If you’re sitting down, he’ll climb on your lap. If you’re on your stomach, he’ll be on your back. He’s a lap-dog and a back-dog. He is definitely a people-puppy. 🙂

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