Cindi Casterlin, Puppy Raiser

Humans of BluePath: Cindi Casterlin, Puppy Raiser

How It All Began: I was raising guide dog puppies when I learned about Caroline Sandler’s work with children with autism.  The stories were just amazing. I have a relative with autism and it touched my heart. I was thrilled when the opportunity came along for me to raise Blue.

Favorite Part of Volunteering for BluePath:  Being part of an adventure and the anticipation of wanting to know how the adventure ends up. When I’m working with these dogs, I’m thinking about where they’re going to land. I think we all love having something to look forward to. Blue has a tender spirit and I see it in action all the time. It never gets old and it never gets boring!

Favorite Part of Puppy Raising:  Words of Wisdom for Prospective Raisers: Look on the website, but also speak with people who have raised puppies in the past to give you a better, more realistic perspective of everything that goes into raising a dog. It’s a long-term commitment and it’s worth it, but it isn’t for everyone.

About Cindi

  • Where She Lives: Port Crane, NY.

  • Dream Vacation Spot: I would love to take an African Safari.  

  • Favorite Hobbies: I’m obsessed with dogs. I also do some puppy sitting on the side. I end up staying very busy. We have a large fenced in backyard and the dogs are really happy here- we get repeat business all the time! I also like to walk, bike, read, and explore.

  • Favorite Food: That’s a tough choice… I’m an Italian-food girl, so homemade pasta. My husband Gary is a great cook and his chicken piccata is wonderful. We both love to cook and I love to bake too.

 About Blue:

  • Most likely to… Bring smiles wherever she goes.

  • Newest Skill: We are still working on not being dog-distracted. We work on people greetings as well and she improves all the time. She loves to learn and work.

  • “Siblings:” I have a yellow Lab pet dog named Nadine and the girls have a big-sister-little-sister relationship. Nadine lets Blue know when she’s available to play and when she’s not. Nadine’s bed is right next to Blue’s kennel. Often during the day, if we put Blue in her kennel, Nadine heads right to her bed alongside her.

Produced by Audrey Buono

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