Humans of BluePath: Aimee Muller, Puppy Raiser

Aimee and Mary on a kayak.

How it All Began: I’ve always been keen on the healing power of animals. When I learned about the hardships my friends met while raising children with autism, I realized that, even though I couldn\’t eradicate these difficulties, I could raise a puppy in hopes that people facing a similar struggle might one day benefit from a service dog’s skillset and companionship.

Favorite Part of Volunteering for BluePath: BluePath’s mission, what they wish to accomplish, their dedication to children, and the sense of camaraderie they build within their organization all make it so easy to be a motivated and excited volunteer. I love what BluePath stands for and I love the positive influence my position allows me to have on children with autism.

Favorite Part of Puppy Raising: I’ve seen the impact one puppy can have on the life of another person. Knowing that you are contributing to such a worthwhile cause, all while raising a dog you come to love and adore, makes puppy raising such a great experience.

Words of Wisdom for Prospective Puppy Raisers: It can be very easy to feel as though you are powerless to help other people. Raising a BluePath puppy allows you to give a gift that goes beyond money or material objects. By devoting your time to training a dog, you also give children with autism the opportunity to go places and do things with their family that they couldn\’t go to or do before. I can’t begin to describe how wonderful and uplifting that feeling is.

Fast Facts:

About Aimee:

  • Where She Lives: East Schodack, NY
  • Dream Vacation Spot: Hawaii or the Galapagos Islands (anywhere with cool marine life!)
  • Favorite Singer: Ed Sheeran

About Mary:

  • Newest Skill: Greeting
  • Nickname: Mare-Bear (because she makes grizzly bear-like sounds whenever she wants another dog to chase or play with her!)
  • Quirkiest Trait: Will try to drag tree trunks that weigh more than she does through the woods whenever she goes on hikes

Current Status: Mary is in our Formal Training Program with our professional instructors.

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