Humans of BluePath: Nicole Guite, Puppy Raiser

Nicole and her first BluePath puppy, Pearl.

How it All Began: I wanted to have a dog in New York City but wasn’t ready to make a long commitment. Raising a puppy allowed me to do both while knowing I was making an impact on other people’s lives.

Favorite Part of Volunteering for BluePath: It’s fun to have a community of puppy raisers to stay in touch with now that I’m in Wisconsin.

Nicole and her second BluePath puppy, Journey.

Favorite Part of Puppy Raising: I think the best is yet to come! The happiness and excitement of knowing that a dog I raised will be matched with a family. It’s sad when they leave, but the best way to get over giving up your dog is to get another one to raise. I got my second BluePath puppy, Journey, on the same day I sent my first puppy to Formal Training.

Advice for Prospective Puppy Raisers: Do it!

Fast Facts:

About Nicole:

  • Where She Lives: Wausau, Wisconsin
  • Dream Vacation Spot: Anywhere outside the United States
  • Most Watched Movie: Dirty Dancing

About Journey:

  • Newest Skill: Settling
  • Name Origin: Specially chosen by BluePath Puppy Raisers in honor of BluePath’s one-year anniversary. The name celebrates BluePath’s “Journey” toward providing safety, comfort, and independence to families touched by autism. And it’s pretty darn cute!
  • Quirkiest Trait: Extreme mellowness – he would much rather let toys bounce off his face than make any effort to catch them!

Nicole with Pearl (left) and Journey (right).

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