The Mission of BluePath


By Jody Sandler, President & CEO

Puppies remind us that we are never too small to make a big impact on the world and those around us. As we celebrate our second birthday, BluePath is proof of that.

In our short time in the world, we have already been able to reach out to an amazing army of volunteers, supporters, raisers, foster families, and most importantly, those in our corner of the world that struggle every day to be heard… to be seen…to communicate…to feel respected…to be loved… to be a part of something bigger: our community.

A bond between two people can be strong, but in the best of situations, it can be constantly challenged by so many outside influences, and it can falter. Communication is a precarious gift for those of us who do not face autism every single day, every single moment of our lives.

Now imagine what it is like for a parent and their child with autism, longing for that connection no matter how tenuous.  Trying and having great difficulty in forming that bond that we all need and thrive on.

But the bond between a child and a service dog is unique in its strength. It is not as fragile as our interpersonal bonds are. You see, where people cannot break though the barrier that autism puts up around a child, a service dog can and will.  And once formed, nothing can break that bond between the dog and the child. The two can soar together, and for the first time maybe in a family’s lifetime, autism takes a backseat.

And just as ripples on a pond that spread outward from the tiniest of pebbles, so do the ripples of healing, of understanding, and of compassion, spread outward and touch so many. First, the immediate family, then the extended family, then friends and neighbors, and finally… you, the community. This is the mission of BluePath.

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