Belief in Making a Difference

by Jamie Stewart

I have always loved dogs, and I have been amazed at the many ways they can be of service. I have made it a priority to support organizations that match jobs and dogs to people who need them.

I worked with kids on the spectrum during most of my career in education and regularly spoke with parents who were desperate to find ways to keep their children safe.  Then I had the chance to hear stories from families that received autism service dogs for their children, and I was thrilled to learn how much of a difference the dogs made in their kids’ lives.  These families could now eat in a restaurant calmly, attend sporting events safely and take walks without fear… the dogs improve quality of life for the whole family.

When I read about BluePath, and saw the integrity and compassion of those who were at the helm, I immediately donated as much as I could to help the program move forward.  I believe in charity and helping others and BluePath will be on my list of annual contributions. I foresee them changing lives and making a difference!

Jamie and Maggie

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