Day Two in the World…

We continue to be deeply touched by the support for BluePath; we are elated that all of you are joining us on this adventure!

Why the name BluePath?

Blue is often the color associated with autism, and it’s also the color of the vests our dogs wear when they’re working. BluePath Board chair and autism mom Tricia Zarro once referred to service dog Shade as \”hope in a blue vest.\”

Path refers to the incredible journey of expanded opportunity with an autism service dog – and the many beautiful, multi-faceted connections made along the way.

Where will BluePath dogs come from?

We are sourcing young adult dogs from reputable organizations and evaluating long-term partnership possibilities. Our first six puppies have already been born and they\’ll be ready for placement in February!

Where can you raise a BluePath puppy?

The first puppies will be raised within two hours of our home base in Hopewell Junction, NY.  Experienced volunteers who live further afield can support the program as mentors, and eventually as raisers themselves.

Also – we haven’t yet matched those six pups with raisers.  Our volunteer application will be available very soon; in the meantime, please let us know if you live locally and you’re interested in raising one of the very first BluePath puppies!

And finally,

To everyone who has shared kind words, offered support and made donations, THANK YOU!  All of you are part of BluePath’s success.

From Jody, Caroline, Michelle, Ziggy, Molly, Kermit, Stripe, Pitch, Banshee, Copernicus and Dina…

Happy Holidays!

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